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1. What is the Minimum Amount I need to order for Custom Packaging?

The minimum number of boxes that you can place your order for is 50 custom packaging boxes. Moreover, it also depends on the kind of boxes you choose from. In addition to this, even if you place an order for the custom printed boxes, our prices and quantity of boxes remain the same. However, if you wish to order bags, pouches, or other products such as Mylar bags, the quantity may differ.

2. How long does it take to manufacture custom boxes with logo?

When you finalize your order, our team will send you an instant quote within the first 24 hours. After that, it only takes 7-10 business days for the entire process of creating your boxes. Moreover, we take the same amount of time for manufacturing the custom boxes with logo as well.

So, just as you place your order for any custom printed boxes, you will get them in the mentioned time. Additionally, even if you have different designs on your custom packaging boxes, our turnaround time stays the same for these custom boxes with logo.

3. What is meant by CBD Boxes?

Any kind of box that is specifically designed for CBD or related products is called CBD boxes. At CBD Boxes Experts, we make sure to design these custom packaging boxes in a way that complies with all the requirements of any kind of CBD product.

Additionally, we also design these boxes in a way that keeps the temperature inside the box optimum enough for the product. When it comes to CBD products, they’re made from cannabidiol and therefore have multiple variations to use them.

This is why there are also numerous CBD products in the market. For the packaging of these products, CBD packaging boxes are used.

4. Can I get a personalized box or printed boxes?

When it comes to personalized and printed boxes CBD Boxes Experts is on top of the game. We provide all sorts of custom packaging boxes and personalized boxes. No matter what the size of your order, or the kind of box you choose, our personalization offer is for every box style.

So, as soon as you place your order, you will be directed to our designers. You can get in touch with these designers and share your personalization requirements with them as well. Once you have shared your requirements, our designers will take it upon themselves to get the perfect boxes your way!

5. Can I print my own designs on my custom box packaging?

When you place your order, you can always get your own design made by our expert designers. For designing the perfect custom printed boxes, you can either share your own designs with us or leave it on the designers to create the perfect designs for you.

No matter what the designs you choose, as packaging wholesalers, we make sure to print them exactly the way you want them for your custom box packaging. So, get in touch with our team and enjoy premium packaging.

6. Which payment methods do you accept for these custom printed boxes?

For all kinds of boxes, we have the same payment methods. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express.

As packaging wholesalers, our payment process is immensely discreet, once you clear all your confusion from our chat support and place an order, you will get an instant quote. Just as you get the quote and be satisfied with our rates, only then will you go through the payment process from us.

7. Do you provide custom packaging for small businesses?

Whether you own a small business or a big one, at CBD Boxes Experts we provide packaging for any business. Aside from the size of your business, we also keep no discrimination of any kind for providing our services.

So, as packaging wholesalers, we will provide packaging for any kind of business. To get your custom packaging all you have to do is place your order, wait for your instant quote, and experience our processes of designing and shipping. This will complete your order for printed boxes.

As packaging wholesalers, our priority is our customer, so you can place your order without any hesitation even if you are a small business.

8. How do I place an order for the custom box packaging?

Placing an order at CBD Boxes Experts is extremely simple. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Fill in the required information on the “Get a Free Instant Quote” box on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, click the get quote button and your quote will be submitted.
  • Send us the design for your box or get in touch with our designers to get a design according to your requirements.
  • Approve the final design for the boxes.
  • Once we confirm the payment, your order will be transferred to production and will be shipped at the provided time.
That’s it! With these 5 easy steps, you can get the perfect custom-made boxes.

9. Do you provide custom boxes wholesale or separately?

We provide, all kinds of customized packaging boxes wholesale. When you get our boxes in wholesale, you can also get cheap custom boxes as wholesale boxes always cost less.

All our customized packaging boxes are in wholesale quantity. This way, we also ensure you get cheap custom boxes and in bulk quantity. Although the average quantity of our boxes is 50 minimum, it still depends on the kind of box you need. Moreover, if you get bags or pouches, the quantity may differ.

10. In which form do you ship the custom product boxes?

At CBD Boxes Experts, we make sure to ship all our packaging boxes flat or pre-assembled, just as you want. Even when it comes to pouches or bags, we ship them flat as well.

Additionally, as packaging wholesalers, we also make sure that once your packaging boxes go on from all the processes of die and cut, printing, and folding, we ship them to you immediately so you don’t face any issues with your order.